Stichting Geschillenoplossing Automatisering
Stichting Geschillenoplossing Automatisering
Stichting Geschillenoplossing Automatisering
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  • SGOA start met 'Privacy & Security Kamer'. Nieuwsgierig geworden? Lees hier snel verder!

SGOA Signaal 2018 week 51

SGOA Signaal 2018 week 51

Real life can start

This is the last year SGOA is in its twenties, wild oats have been sown and real life can start. SGOA will be 30 years next February. A milestone we will pay extra attention to.

If I can’t solve it …

We are proud that SGOA, as an independent institute, has been able to provide added value, for such a long time now, to parties that have an IT dispute or wish to prevent one. We have noticed that business parties increasingly come to realise that mediation offers all kinds of advantages and increasingly make use of this tool to come to a long-term solution for their disputes. We do not hear “if I can’t solve it, neither can a mediator” that much anymore: the occupation of mediator is now a recognised and acknowledged one. The enormous savings that can be effected in processing time and costs when dealing with a dispute have now come to the attention of board rooms all over the Netherlands.

A special Privacy & Security Chamber

2018 was a good year for SGOA: a year in which the GDPR came into force and we set up a special Privacy & Security Chamber, under the direction of Gerrit-Jan Zwenne. A Chamber where parties can go for arbitration or for a binding opinion in, for example, disputes concerning processing contracts, disputes between a data protection officer and the top of the organisation, disputes on security incidents and data breaches, on security measures such as penetration tests.

Media coverage

The launch of our Chamber had wide media coverage as well. The number of cases submitted to SGOA in 2018 shows a slight increase, we have organised a number of highly appreciated SGOA Academies, had a great New Year’s drinks event and, last but not least, SGOA has managed to get some more, excellent experts on board: Dick van der Reijden, Diederik Wentink and Gerrit-Jan Zwenne.

A new name

SGOA Switzerland is ready now to start its first case. Since globalisation increasingly affects cases and ‘SGOA’ is a word that seems rather difficult to pronounce in most other languages – not to mention ‘automation’ being a rather outdated term – it has been decided to use an international trade name as well. SGOA Switzerland will use that name as main trade name and SGOA Netherlands will use the name as extra name. Our associates in the Netherlands and in Switzerland came up with numerous suggestions. On SGOA’s birthday the new name will be revealed.


2019 is an anniversary for SGOA and the SGOA board and bureau are looking forward to making it a successful year, together with you.

Finally, in this last SGOA Signaal in 2018, I would like to thank, on behalf of the entire board, the bureau manager Heleen van Beugen and office PA Karin van Oijen, the backbone of our Foundation, for their unbridled commitment.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a successful and especially healthy 2019.

Hanneke Slager, chairwoman of the board